A fellow goes through the transformational journey of:

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Time Line:

Registrations and Orientations:

  • 22th March: 1st deadline to register
  • 23th March: 1st Orientation and selection
  • 29th March:  2nd deadline to register
  • 30th March: 2nd Orientation and selection.
  • 05th April: 3rd deadline to register
  • 06th April: 3rd Orientation
  • 12th April: 4th deadline to register
  • 13th April: 4th Orientation
  • 19th April: 5th deadline to register
  • 20th April: 5th Orientation
  • 30th April: 6th deadline to register
  • 1st May: 6th Orientation 
  • 3rd May: 7th deadline to register
  • 4th May: 7th Orientation
  • 5th May: Fellowship starts with Opening Bootcamp
  • 11th May: onwards: Every Saturday Sessions for fellows from 2.30pm to 5.30pm ( Till July.)
  • July end: Closing Bootcamp and Felicitation. The CCF journey ends with you joining the larger BRM Family!

Note: Venue and timing of all the orientations will stay the same. That is Don Bosco School, Matunga (2 pm to 5.30pm)

Why should you join CCF?

  • Invest your time productively for personal growth and social change
  • Build essential real-life skills that classroom teaching lacks
  • Explore the world beyond your college with other young people
  • Want an edge in your life over regular academics